Tuesday, June 23, 2009

P-P-P-Poker Face our P-Poker Faces

We had a rousing game of Go-Fish on Father's Day, and the need to discuss "Poker Faces" arose. Every time one of the kids would draw a card, they'd say stuff like, "OH!! I got a Jack!", or "Sissy!! I've got three 10's, now!!". It was pretty funny. Jake took the opportunity to say, "DUDE!! You gotta have a poker face! Like me!!". (Name that movie and who said it!)

Anyway, we practiced, and here are some samples of our best poker faces. World Series of Go-Fish here we come!!

Learning to Ride

So, the moment Joanna had been waiting for finally arrived. Her daddy was home and could help her ride a bike with no training wheels! Nate wanted to try too, but made Jake put them back on after about 30 seconds. That's fine. He's only 4, after all.

Joanna has tried it twice now, and I think after maybe another couple of tries will be a super-pro bike rider! She's very dramatic, though, so all the "falls" were quite theatrical. Honestly, she didn't even ever really fall. The bike did, but she managed to hop off every time, so don't let the picture fool you, however tragic it may look. :)