Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm going to be goofing around with the look of my blog over the next day or so. I've never done anything with it, and I feel like it needs a new look. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joanna's first day of first grade!!

Joanna started 1st grade yesterday! It's big-kid stuff. They have desks. :) I don't know what's up with my camera. It's been taking blurry pictures. I think I accidentally pressed a wierd button or something.

No matter. Blurry or not, clearly, she's the most beautiful first grader I know. :)

Reliving the surf style

So, way back when, Jake used to drive boats for a living. After Joanna was born, for his first father's day, I bought him this little mini r/c 44 ft. motor life boat. He had to have it. Fast forward 6 years later, Jake's a storekeeper and it was still sitting in the box down in our basement. Unused. Actually, we've never really had a good place to try it out and he's much happier not driving boats anymore, thank you very much.

Anyway, there's this little lake here on base that I realized in one of my daily flashes of brilliance (Yes, daily flashes. I get them. Ask anyone.), would be perfect for sailing this little ship! So, Jake busted it out, dusted it off, charged it up and we were off! It was pretty fun!

Nate having a go.
Careful, don't run aground! We'll have to call the Coast Guard. Hee hee.
Joanna's turn!
Hmm. He's up to something, I think.
My handsome husband. He's good at counting stuff and driving r/c 44 ft. motor lifeboats.
Setting sail
Don't fall in! We'll have to call the Coast Guard.
Hey Joanna! Smile!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Color therapy

Aren't these pretty? Joanna picked them last week. I love the colors. They make me happy.
This bouquet has inspired me. I think I want to make a quilt with these colors in it. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check this out...

Are these two related, or WHAT??? I thought this was so cute!! This picture is Joanna when she was 2.5 years old. This is Faith Olive (my niece, for those of you that are unaware). She's 1.5 years old. Check out the family resemblance!! Those Camagna genes just come a-shinin' through! Love it!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I ate bear.

Yes, bear. Here's a visual to go along with my internal dialogue that I had going on while I ate it:

You are not a vegetarian. You like beef and pork. Meat is meat. Why are some meats acceptable but others are not? You should definitely try this. It's hypocritical not to.

But it's not beef or pork. It's bear. It was walking around in the woods minding it's own business and now it's on my plate, smothered in BBQ sauce, sandwiched between two buns and some cole slaw.
Oh, you're such a dang hypocrite. You hate hypocracy. Just become a vegetarian already, will ya? Aw, poor little Yogi was walking around in the woods and now he's on your plate smothered in BBQ sauce. How is that different than the poor wittle piggy that had a short life in some dark, crowded pork farm and ended up on your plate as a ham sandwich? Eat it. Or don't. But you should definitely become a vegetarian if you don't. Meat is meat.
But it's BEAR. That is definitely not the same as pork or beef. I can go to the grocery store and buy bacon and steak. I grew up eating bacon and steak. I am not used to eating wild game. Go easy on me, will ya? I'm a city slicker, okay? I admit it. Plus, Yogi and Bambi are cute. But not cuter than this. (P.S. I ate the bear.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My son...he's 4 going on 6???

So, Nate has always been tall for his age. He was born tall and was a tall toddler. When he was 1 he wore a size 2T. When he was 3 he wore a 5T and now at the ripe old age of 4, he's - you guessed it - wearing a size 6!!! I went shopping in Anchorage with my friend Toni last week, and really thought about the stuff I was buying for Nate. His size 5 stuff is really getting short on him, but could he possibly be into a size 6? I bought it despite my doubts, and I'm so glad I went with my gut! When I brought home his clothes and had him try them on, the size 6 slim jeans fit him perfectly!! I'll repeat. He's 4 and size 6 slim jeans fit him perfectly.

He has the same size feet as Joanna.

I had someone ask me last week, "So, which one is your oldest?" is. DUH!!! I've recently had people ask me if they're twins. Nope. I even had someone give me a snarky look during one of Nate's less pleasant moments and say, "He's a little bit OLD to be acting like that, isn't he?". HE'S 4, PEOPLE!!!

Then, to put the icing on the cake, the dentist told me during his check-up this past week, that one of his bottom teeth is loose. I about hit the floor. Excuse me, Ms. Dentist? Ms. Professional who I believe to be an expert in such matters?? Could you have possibly just told me that my 4-year old son has a loose tooth??? Yes, indeed. I heard her correctly about that fine revelation as well as the discovery of his 6-year old molars trying to poke their way through the back of his 4-year old gums.

Okay, whoa. Whoa, horsie. WHOA NELLIE!!! Who gave this child permission to be 4 going on 6?? What part of his cute, 4-year old brain is not getting the memos from me saying "HE'S NOT 6!!! HE'S ONLY 4!!!" It's crazy. Insanity, I tell you. I need to call the NBA right away and insist they get a talant scout over to my house pronto to discuss his future contract with the L.A. Lakers. Too bad I don't want to live in L.A. It's also unfortunate that I'm not a professional basketball fan. :)