Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have to tell you about the day I had.

Because, if I don't write it down, my head might explode!

I woke up (6:30...was having a dream that I was in the show "Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian take Miami").
Got the kids up.
Got them ready for school.
Took Joanna and her friend to school (Nate went too.)
Came home.
Took Nate to school.
Went and picked up my co-ombudsman.
Went to Admin and attempted to get some information.
Mission failed.
Took co-ombudsman home.
Went to Joanna's school and helped with reading groups for an hour.
Came home.
Went to get Nate from school.
Came home.
Talked to Sarah on phone.
Wrote some emails regarding failed mission.
Got an offer on our house.
Talked on the phone regarding offer on house.
Got an email from agent with offer papers attached.
Printed it out (21 pages).
Managed to make a caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. (One of the highlights of my day, I must say.)
Called Ms. Audrey to see if she had found Manny Bunny (you knew he had to be involved in my busiest day of all times, right?). She had. He was hiding in the little people barn.
Neighbor Jen called and I told her the boys could come over while she went to the doctor.
Joanna came home.
Joanna and Nate went outside with the neighbor girl from upstairs.
Brought bikes up from the basement for all children who were going outside.
Called real estate agent. Went over offer.
Signed where I was supposed to sign. I signed for Jake too. I have POA. It was weird.
Joanna and Nate came in.
Neighbor boys came over.
Neighbor girl came over.
Movie went on the tv (Monsters vs. Aliens).
Kids were good.
Started to fax 21 page offer back to real estate agent.
Doorbell rang.
Was neighbor across the street who has a teenage daughter I might have babysit the kids. Came to meet them.
6 kids still watching movie.
Talked with neighbor and daughter (her littler daughter also came over and started watching the movie while we talked.)
Neighbor left.
Littler daughter stayed to finish watching the movie.
7 kids watching movie. They were good.
Cracked open a Diet Cherry Pepsi.
Doorbell rang.
Was Audrey and her friend with Manny Bunny.
Told Audrey's friend step-by-step how to make ravioli.
Movie was over.
Kids got rowdy.
Told kids who were not being baby-sat by me to go home. (No, really. Those were my exact words.)
2 kids went home.
Audrey and friend left. Manny Bunny stayed. I think. Who knows with him, though.
Neighbor boys played.
Talked to co-ombudsman on phone about failed mission.
Threw pizza in the oven while I talked on the phone.
Neighbor boys went home.
Ate some pizza with (my) kids.
Helped Joanna with homework.
Threw kids in shower. Have two showers. One kid in each shower. At the same time.
Helped kids get ready for bed.
Read with kids. Joanna read to us.
Goodnight, precious children. Sleep tight.
Now I am going to put my pajamas on and go watch Top Chef. Then I will go to sleep so that I can wake up and start all over again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Talking to Grandma and Papa

I snapped these pictures of Nate talking to Papa Carl and Grandma Mary the other day. Just kickin' back chattin' with his Papa! SO cute!! :)

Nate goes to Ms. Audrey's!

I remember when Joanna was 4 and went to Ms. Audrey's preschool. Now, two years later, it's Nate's turn! He had his first day this past week, and LOVED it!! We have been so happy with the kids' education here in Kodiak. It's one thing that I'm truly grateful for. Ms. Audrey and Ms. Toni's preschools have been amazing, and we've had such a good experience with Joanna at the public school (Peterson Elementary) here. Anyway, just thought I'd share some pictures of my handsome boy on his first day of school! :)

Lazy Sunday

The kids built a tent and were watching Robin Hood (Disney-style!) this morning. I thought you all might be interested in what we're up to this morning. The answer? A whole lot of nuthin! :) It's beautiful out, though, so we'll probably end up getting our act together and going outside at some point. Right after I clean the kitchen and do some laundry....which I can start doing right after I'm done goofing around on my blog (and Facebook...and Coast Guard wives online forum...)! Happy Lazy Sunday! :)